1974 Nissan Skyline GTX 2000 at SEMA 2013



1974 Nissan Skyline GTX 2000 at SEMA 2013Nissan GT-R builds are making big news at this year’s SEMA 2013 show using the likes of Liberty Walk and R’s Tuning. But we can’t forget the heritage of this Japanese supercar. The JDM 1974 Nissan Skyline 2000 GTX here is a far cry from modern but simply as cool (if not more).

Felix Marcelino, vehicle owner and F/Zero2 clothing brand co-owner says, I’m not a diehard classic car guy but new cars are just too heavy. I just don’t feel like you’re doing the driving with new GT-Rs.

Displayed at the Toyo Tires Treadpass show outside the SEMA convention center its features include: fender flares, trunk spoiler, front chin, Magnaflow exhaust, custom GTS seats, MB and Alpine Quart audio, Tech Toy Tuning coilovers and Fatlace X AME F/Zero1 wheels. Still it also utilizes the original L20 engine, which now has 120 kilometers.

This piece of righthand drive history may not feature SEMA’s greatest and latest but it is still drawing a steady crowd of tuners for good reason.